Basson 77

The BASSON 77 is formidable!

The large half-roll suspension allows a large displacement of air and thus ensures a quality infra-bass.

To be positioned near a wall, or in an angle for even more level.

It is powerful (600W max class D), equipped with universal settings (cutoff frequency, volume, phase), while remaining discreet.

DAVIS has opted for a loudspeaker on the front, and two vents directed forward, so that the low frequencies are well distributed in the listening room, and that its placement has little influence on the final result.


Speaker:  25 cm
Membrane:  cellulose fiber
High cutoff frequency:  30-120 Hz
Minimum cutoff frequency:  25 Hz
Phase adjustment:  0 or 180 °

Subwoofer:  Automatic adjustment incoming signal
Inputs:  2 x RCA (LINE IN or LFE)
Max power: 600 W
Dimensions (cm):  36 (h) x 30 (w) x 41.5 (depth)
Bass reflex:  2 vents in front

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