Courbet N°5

Don't be fooled by its size - it is able to compete on the sound level with much larger models. Its compact size is mainly due to "know how" of DAVIS ACOUSTICS who managed to integrate suitable loudspeakers.

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The COURBET N°5 enclosure is the finest "column" of this series. It is characterized by the use of 3 loudspeakers 13 cm in diameter, which makes it possible to obtain an enclosure of 16 cm of width only, for a height of one meter hardly: a perfect proportion to integrate easily in an interior.
Combined with the best electronics on the market, the  COURBET N°5  will transport you to the highest levels of high fidelity. This is thanks to the use of the latest generation of speakers, including the tri-innovative tweeter (TW28LD) which brings a level of precision and subtlety ever achieved in a dome tweeter at DAVIS Acoustics. The other frequencies are not neglected, far from it. The presence of Kevlar (for the medium) and carbon (for the woofers) ensures just and varied timbres. The low frequencies are even particularly tasty and nuanced.


Bass reflex: circular vent
Rated power: 100 W
Maximum power: 160 W
Number of channels: 3
Number of speakers: 4
Yield: 90 dB
Bandwidth: 50 -25000 Hz

Tweeter: 28mm flexible dome
Medium: Kevlar 13 cm
Woofer: 2 x 13cm carbon fiber
Dimensions (cm): 98 (h) x 16 (w) x 25.5 (depth)
Weight (kg): 18 (one carton)
Impedance: 4 ... 8 ohms
Cutoff frequency: 400-4000Hz