Actual product range updates

As of April 2019



BALTHUS range will be soon available in a third color. We will start in July with the BALTHUS 30 only, and all along the rest of the year, we should continue with the other models...
The new color of the BALTHUS range will be: front in white matt, sides in light oak and the grill will be grey. Hi-quality pictures will be available in a few weeks.



Regarding the COURBET range, the color of the line that will be always available is the white matt, for all the models. This range is selling well and should become an emblematic line for a long time in the DAVIS catalog.


Then, we have launched different colors within the models:

- Courbet 3 is also produced in black piano, red mahogany and dark cherry (both are real veneer).


- Courbet 5 is also available in black piano and light oak.


- Courbet 7 is now sold in ebony high-gloss.


The COURBET line will have another model in the middle of the year. It will be Courbet 4.
More and more we have some demands for Slim and discrete models. The C4 should be around 75 cm high with 1 x 5" driver + tweeter.