Small, but ... 
Aesthetic and technical care was brought to this model library. Composite diaphragm loudspeakers, dome tweeters, worked cabinetry, once again, by choosing a DAVIS loudspeaker, you will not feel wrong.

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Behind its modern structure, EVA contains a concentration of technology:

  • A filter with impedance compensation, attenuator with constant impedance, ...

  • Well built speakers,

  • Elegant cabinetry that rests on his dedicated foot.

A realistic listening for a first step in the world of HIFI.

Fast lapping: only a few hours.


Bass reflex:  circular vent
Rated power:  80 W
Maximum power:  110 W
Number of channels:  2
Number of speakers:  2
Efficiency:  88 dB
Bandwidth:  55 -20000 Hz

Tweeter:  25mm
Medium Material:  Fiberglass 13 cm
Woofer: -
Dimensions (cm):  28 (h) x 16.5 (W) x 20 (Depth)
Weight (kg):  7 (one carton)
Impedance:  4 ... 8 ohms
Frequency cutoff:  4000Hz