Courbet N°7

The large column of the range imposes itself by its balance, its speed, the density of its timbres, and a direction of the swing which belongs only to her. Without a doubt, a new reference in its segment.

01 Courbet 07 01.png
01 Courbet 07 01.png
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02 Courbet 07 01.png
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Courbet N°7 is a 3-way loudspeaker using 3 exceptional loudspeakers, all three made in our Trojan production site (10-Aube);

- The brand new double decompression tweeter that will equip the new Karla 2.0,

- The Medium speaker of the Olympia one master (2016 golden tuning fork),

- A speaker 17 cm "Carbon" very fast and very defined; custom designed 
to reach a general curve close to the straight line and without any complex!

This Courbet N°7 will fill large rooms with a level of definition and musicality very rarely encountered in a three-way speaker of this size, even at very high volume. 
The perfect measurements of her little sister (Courbet N°5) have not been set aside either: a little larger, she remains very slender and futuristic down the line.


Bass reflex: circular vent
Rated power: 130 W
Maximum power: 200 W
Number of channels: 3
Number of speakers: 3
Output: 92 dB
Bandwidth: 40 - 25000 Hz

Tweeter: 28mm flexible dome
Medium: Kevlar 13 cm
Woofer: 17 cm carbon fiber
Dimensions (cm): 110 (h) x 18.5 (W) x 28.5 (depth)
Weight (kg): 24 (one carton)
Impedance: 4 ... 8 ohms
Cutoff frequency: 400-4000Hz