Premium Monitor

Small deep bass speaker, particularly powerful.

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The woofer / midrange: To obtain a serious and a medium of beauty, DAVIS chose a composite material (Kevlar). Very widely motorized, this speaker can "cash" high powers.

The 25 mm coil is immersed in a dense magnetic field, which allows a quick response of the membrane. A warhead of dispersion is placed at its center. 
The tweeter: To allow a perfect fusion of the registers, DAVIS decided to use a tweeter close to the medium, both in its geometry (cone) but also in the material used (braided kevlar fibers). 
It is a small very light coil of 20 mm in diameter that receives the signal and transmits it to the cone.

This rare technology, because expensive, comes from the study carried out on the model "flagship" of the mark: the enclosure KARLA. 
The tweeter "fills" up to 40,000 Hz very solidly.


Bass reflex:  circular vent
Rated power:  80 W
Maximum power:  125 W
Number of channels:  2
Number of speakers:  2
Efficiency:  90 dB
Bandwidth:  45 -35000 Hz

Tweeter: cone kevlar coil 20 mm
Medium:  Kevlar 17cm
Woofer: -
Dimensions (cm): 40 (h) x 24 (w) x 3 (depth)
Weight (kg):  22.2 (one carton)
Impedance:  6 ohms (min.)
Cutoff frequency:  3500Hz