Karla 2.0

This is the most successful DAVIS model - the result of long lab work.

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Extremely wide bandwidth for comfortable performance, consistency of the registers ... this column of a good size required several years of work to reach our requirements.
The curve of this product was designed by a professional, who wanted a streamlined shape to symbolize the purity of the sound that emerges.


Type: severe: PUSH-PULL system, circular vent on the back of the enclosure, medium: pressure relief vent
Power:  200 W
Maximum power:  300 W
Number of channels:  3
Number of speakers:  4
Yield:  93 dB
Bandwidth:  25-35000 Hz

Tweeter: composite fiber cone, 19 mm coil with dispersion warhead
Medium: Kevlar 21 cm - 37 mm core - ticonal magnet
Woofer: 2 x 20 cm braided carbon fiber - double magnet 135 mm
Dimensions: 1.33m  ( h) x 34 (w) x 63 (depth)
Weight (kg): 142
Impedance: 5 ohms (min.)
Cutoff frequency: 90 -  4000Hz