We design and build exceptional Home Theaters


Initial design

We visit the site, assess the room size & collect initial requirements - like, the number of seats, lighting, existing air-conditioning, etc. We surmise regarding the overall scale and timeline of the project. We also make initial suggestions on the number of channels and equipment product lines suitable for the project.

Room acoustics calculation

Taking into account the room dimensions, we perform acoustics calculation and design the acoustic environment, including the damping elements, sound diffusers, floor, ceiling & walls cover materials. Initial speakers placement is planned, wiring requirements are developed &
audio-visual parameters are planned.

Equipment requirements

Based on the results of room acoustics calculation, we decide upon the hardware requirements, covering the speakers, amplifiers, AV receiver / digital processor, racks, video projector, screen & appropriate cabling for everything. We assess the costs and discuss the resulting configuration with the customer.

Supplying all components

We maintain a ready stock of Davis speakers & other components in our warehouse at Mysore. Rest, we order from appropriate equipment manufacturers. We take care of all the required import procedures. All the components are tested in our lab, so that your peace of mind is guaranteed.

Building the Home Theater

As soon as the room construction is done, we install all the hardware components, wire everything up & make sure that the equipment operates as expected and the system works as a whole. We test the controls and make adjustments as required. The screen is mounted & the projector is set-up for the best possible performance. We then commence the initial tests.

Calibrating the system

This is the last phase of the project. We use best-in-class professional calibration equipment for achieving the crystal clear sound quality in the multichannel environment of the home theater that we are renowned for. Phase and level parameters are adjusted individually for each channel, resulting in top-notch user experience with regards to sound and vision.

Some of our finished projects