The 30 Series Stentaure is a model created in limited series for the 30 years of the company.

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This enclosure, in its initial version, marked a turning point at DAVIS. It is indeed an atypical model, showing the ability of the brand to design speakers to correct or high performance.


Without going into the technical details, this speaker ensures ease of use, because of its very linear impedance, associated with a yield curve centered around 95 dB, makes it possible to connect the products to any type of amplifier, especially the amplifiers. tubes. 
And get a frank, direct, like at the concert! 
Once connected, we recommend leaving the speakers parallel to each other.

A 100% copper cable, without adding silver (or any other type of material), is also highly recommended. 
Recommended for salons of 20 to 40 m2.


Bass reflex:  circular vent
Rated power:  120 W
Maximum power:  180 W
Number of channels:  2
Number of speakers:  3
Output:  95 dB
Bandwidth:  40 -20000 Hz

Tweeter: 25mm compression, PEEK membrane
Medium:  -
Woofer: 2 x cellulose pulp 17cm
Dimensions (cm): 98 (h) x 22 (w) x 32 (depth)
Weight (kg):  24 (one carton)
Impedance:  4 ... 8 ohms
Cutoff frequency: 3000Hz